IJCOT - Volume 3 Issue 5 - 2013

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 A Brief Survey on Encryption Schemes in Cloud Environments 

S.M. Hema Latha , S.Ganesh 


 A Survey On Report Based Secure Payment Scheme For Multihop Wireless Networks

S.Maria Sobana    


 Analysis of Popular Steaming Algorithms Supporting Information Retrieval System

Madhurima V , Prof. T.Venkat Narayana Rao , L. Sai Bhargavi


 Identification And Analysis Of Risks For Cloud Computing In IAAS, PAAS And SAAS

Prof. Chitra Baggar , Prof. Richa Sinha  


 A Survey On Security Issues In Routing In MANETS

- C Sreedhar , Varun Varma Sangaraju


 A New Approach For Image Cryptography Techniques

- Harpreet Singh , Dr.Naveen Dhillon , Sukhpreet Singh Bains 


 A Simulation And Analysis Of Secured S-DSR Protocol In Mobile Ad Hoc Networks 

- Sesha Bhargavi Velagaleti , Dr.M.Seetha , Dr.S.Viswanadha Raju 


 HASBE: A Hierarchical Attribute Set Based Encryption For Flexible, Scalable And Fine Grained Access Control In Cloud Computing 

-  N.krishna , L.Bhavani


 Detection Of Brain Tumor Using Kernel Induced Possiblistic C-Means Clustering 

- D.Napoleon , M.Praneesh


 Sharing Channel In IEEE 802.16 Using The Cooperative Model Of Slotted ALOHA 

- Abdellah Zaaloul , Mohamed Ben El Aattar , Mohamed Hanini , Abdelkrim Haqiq , Mohammed Boulmalaf


 A Survey Of Key Management Schemes In Wireless Sensor Networks

- R.Sharmila , P.C.Gopi , Dr.V.Vijayalakshmi 


 Implementation of Image Cryptography Algorithms: A Review

- Harpreet Singh , Dr.Naveen Dhillon , Sukhpreet Singh Bains


 Modified Ant Colony Based Routing Algorithm in Manet 

-Jayita Mandal , Himadri Nath Saha


 A Study on Job Satisfaction with Reference with Life Insurance

SK.Irshad , T.Priyanka