IJCOT - Volume 3 Issue 3 - 2013

Title/Author Name
Paper Id

 Packet Mark Methodology for Reduce the Congestion in the Network by using the Code Field in the TCP/IP header

- K.Saraswathi


 Implementation of ATM Packets Over MPLS Network on FPGA 

- Satish M B, Savitha C, Dr. M Z Kurian


 FPGA based implementation of Interoperability of Wireless mesh Network and Wi-Fi 

- Sudharani, Chidananda Murthy M V, M Z Kurian  


 Security Issues and Data Management In Cloud Computing

- T.P.Sarachandrika, Dasari Kiran Kumar,P.Jayasankar,B. Sunil Kumar


 An agent based Distributed thermal balancing –Task migration  

- T L Rekha Reddy, Mr C K Raju, Dr. M Z Kurian


 Challenges of Mobile Cloud Computing   

- Rangeena Reghish


 Precision-Aware and Quantization of Lifting Based DWT Hardware Architecture 

- Rekha. N ,Dr. K B Shivakumar , M.Z Kurian