Neutrosophic Goal Programming Technique and its Application

International Journal of Computer & Organization Trends  (IJCOT)          
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Volume - 7 Issue - 2
Year of Publication : 2017
Authors :  Samir Dey, Tapan Kumar Roy
DOI : 10.14445/22492593/IJCOT-V41P302


Samir Dey, Tapan Kumar Roy "Neutrosophic Goal Programming Technique and its Application", International Journal of Computer & organization Trends (IJCOT), V7(2):6-13 Mar - Apr 2017, ISSN:2249-2593, Published by Seventh Sense Research Group.


This paper develops a multi-objective Neutrosophic Goal Optimization technique for optimizing the design of truss structure with multiple objectives subject to a specified set of constraints. In this optimum design formulation, the objective functions are weight and the deflection; the design variables are the cross-sections of the bar; the constraints are the stress in member. The classical three bar truss structure is presented here in to demonstrate the efficiency of the neutrosophic goal programming approach. The model is numerically illustrated by Neutrosophic Goal Optimization technique with different aggregation method. The result shows that the Neutrosophic Goal Optimization technique is very efficient in finding the best optimal solutions.


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Neutrosophic Set, Neutrosophic Goal Programming, Structural Optimization.