Competitive Advantage through Business Intelligence for E-Commerce

International Journal of Computer & Organization Trends  (IJCOT)          
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Volume- 3 Issue- 6                           
Year of Publication :  2013
Authors :  T.Aditya Kumar , G.Sravanthi, Dr.D.Ratna Deepthi


T.Aditya Kumar , G.Sravanthi, Dr.D.Ratna Deepthi . "Competitive Advantage through Business Intelligence for E-Commerce" . International Journal of Computer & organization Trends (IJCOT), V3(6):43-48 Nov - Dec 2013, ISSN 2249-2593, Published by Seventh Sense Research Group.


In today’s competitive business world it is certain that there is lot of data to be processed. It is essential for the business organization to analyze and comprehend the generated data for the performance of the organization. In this paper we review a framework that allows Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) to take advantage of the information available and to adopt a set of measures supported by Business Intelligence (BI). The adoption of BI in SMEs can create the need for organizations to adapt the processes that support systems for decision support, and may have to adapt their systems to the level of databases and applications. This would provide an additional perspective of information, enabling more consistent analysis of the data in order to support the process for prudent and agile decision making.


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Competitive advantage, Business intelligence, Business Intelligence, Decision support, SMEs