System Development Requirements of Intelligent Object Framework

International Journal of Computer & Organization Trends (IJCOT)          
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Volume- 3 Issue- 6                           
Year of Publication : 2013
Authors :  Sasa Savic , Hao Shi


Sasa Savic , Hao Shi . "System Development Requirements of Intelligent Object Framework " . International Journal of Computer & organization Trends  (IJCOT), V3(6):31-38 Nov - Dec 2013, ISSN 2249-2593, Published by Seventh Sense Research Group.


The primary aim of the research project is to explore and evaluate several wireless communication standards, protocol and application standards for device control and management of smart homes or industries over the wireless medium, in order to better understand the requirements needed for the proposed Intelligent Object Framework (IOF). As the technology is evolving, certain aspects of communication components have been neglected and not standardized across platforms. Companies have been developing proprietary communication protocols and applications to control devices. This trend introduces an issue of complexity and confusion amongst integrators, developers and users. The IOF’s primary objective is to introduce a communication framework and application to remove the platform and device dependency from the scope. Implementation of the IOF involves several software packages to be pre-installed to a dedicated system to enable seamless communication and message exchange between different system components. Apart from the software package pre-installation, the system requirements outline two platforms suitable for the implementation of Intelligent Objects. Intelligent Object hardware discrepancies must be obvious to satisfy the end result for the proof of concept. This is achieved by introducing an embedded system platform and a smart-device platform in implementation of the IOF.


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Intelligent Object Framework, IOF, Mobile Network, Wireless Network, System Development Requirements.