Providing Security to User Data using OTP and Image CAPTCHA

International Journal of Computer & Organization Trends  (IJCOT)          
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Volume - 6 Issue - 6
Year of Publication : 2016
Authors :  K. L. R. S. Himaja, Mrs.T. Sri Lakshmi
DOI : 10.14445/22492593/IJCOT-V37P304


K. L. R. S. Himaja, Mrs.T. Sri Lakshmi"Prevention Of Attacks And Mitigates The Packet Drop In Wireless Adhoc Networks", International Journal of Computer & organization Trends (IJCOT), V6(6):17-19 Nov - Dec 2016, ISSN:2249-2593, Published by Seventh Sense Research Group.

AbstractData Security is that preventing from unauthorized disclosure and modification. The basic and old method of computer authentication is to use alphanumerical usernames and passwords. This method has been shown to have important drawbacks i.e., These passwords are prone to be stolen and vulnerable to different types of attacks. Then Captcha technology came into existence but again it fails as an individual. Then after graphical password came into existence and has its own drawbacks. This paper provides OTP and image captcha together which provides high security.


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Captcha, Otp, User Authentication.