Case Study on Various Countermeasures to Avoid Side Channel Attacks

International Journal of Computer & Organization Trends  (IJCOT)          
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Volume - 5 Issue - 6
Year of Publication : 2015
Authors :  P. G. V. Suresh Kumar
DOI : 10.14445/22492593/IJCOT-V27P303


P. G. V. Suresh Kumar"Case Study on Various Countermeasures to Avoid Side Channel Attacks", International Journal of Computer & organization Trends (IJCOT), V5(6):14-17 Nov - Dec 2015, ISSN:2249-2593, Published by Seventh Sense Research Group.

Abstract Side Channel Attacks is relatively a new area in cryptography that has gained more and more interest in early nineties. The side channel attacks are implemented on the physical domain exploiting the characteristics of the physical objects used in the cryptography. These implementations attacks sometimes turn out to be much more efficient than the best known cryptanalytic attacks. This paper aims to give an introduction to various types of side channel attacks and provides various countermeasures to avoid them.


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Side Channel Attacks, Timing Attacks, Fault attacks.