From Project Manager (PM) To “Technical” Project Manager (TPM) In the Journey to an Agile Organization

International Journal of Computer & Organization Trends  (IJCOT)          
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Volume - 11 Issue - 1
Year of Publication : 2021
Authors :  Prashant Tyagi
DOI : 10.14445/22492593/IJCOT-V11I1P302


MLA Style:Prashant Tyagi  "From Project Manager (PM) To “Technical” Project Manager (TPM) In the Journey to an Agile Organization" International Journal of Computer and Organization Trends11.1 (2021): 4-9. 

APA Style:Prashant Tyagi(2021) From Project Manager (PM) To “Technical” Project Manager (TPM) In the Journey to an Agile Organization International Journal of Computer and Organization Trends, 11(1), 4-9.


This long paper discusses the importance of understanding the differences between the roles, duties, and responsibilities of an Information Technology (IT) Project Manager and that of a Technical Project Manager. It also outlines the intersections and commonalities between the two roles and how Project Managers can emulate those skills in a Technical Project Manager role. There is also a section in this paper that focuses on how Technical Project Managers are becoming more critical to the success of an Organization’s Agile Transformation and highly technical initiatives. This article will also discuss an overview of the skills, competencies that companies look for in a ‘Technical’ Project Manager. There will also be a discussion in this paper on the roadmap for an IT Project Manager who is looking to transition him/herself to a Technical Project Manager role as organizations are creating an environment that embraces creativity and innovation, empowering employees and reducing unnecessary layers of management. The work in this paper serves as a guide and is beneficial for Functional Project Managers, Software Project Managers, Software Engineers, Software Programmers, Software Developers who are looking to take the next leap in their career at the management level by orienting their skills and competencies to handle important Organizational Agile Transformation initiatives like Digital Transformations, Advanced Data Analytics, Modern Data Architecture[1], Cloud Migration, Security, Payment Integrations just to name a few.


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