A Coherent System For Vehicle Clearance And Registration

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Volume - 9 Issue - 4
Year of Publication : 2019
AuthorsObianagha Fidelia Ifeoma , Okeke Ogochukwu.C.


MLA Style: Obianagha Fidelia Ifeoma , Okeke Ogochukwu.C. "A Coherent System For Vehicle Clearance And Registration" International Journal of Engineering Trends and Technology 9.4 (2019): 19-24.

APA Style: Obianagha Fidelia Ifeoma , Okeke Ogochukwu.C. (2019). A Coherent System For Vehicle Clearance And Registration International Journal of Engineering Trends and Technology, 9(4), 19-24.


A coherent system for vehicle clearance and registration is a unified system that is logical and consistent.it is a new online registration system that will streamline and simplify clearance and registration processes and serve as a clearing house and depository of information on all entities regulated by the agency. The unified system will combine multiple registration processes, information technology systems and form into a single, electronic online registration process.Thisplatform can be used to construct a more complex structure closely connectedand work successfully together. The Nigerian Custom Service (NCS), Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) and the States Board of Internal Revenue (SBIR) were the agencies that integrated to operate on this system. The idea behind designing a coherent (unified) system was to create a central ICT compliance interface that will unify all the procedures involved in vehicle clearance and registration with all the agencies concernedin Nigeria, while solving the problems encountered with the existing systemsuch as delay in verifying the authenticity of vehicle documents, participation of unauthorized officers,wrong charging of fees and exploitation by registration officers, improper accounting of registration transactions amongst others. The objectives were to develop a standardized and harmonized system where all modes of vehicle clearance and registration establishes a dependable computerized database for easy verification and assessmentof vehicle processes, to eliminate the participation of unauthorized officers in vehicle clearance and registration, to generate a treasury single account (TSA) policy which channels all inflows from these agencies in to the government account which will regulate the level of accountability and transparency in the financial resources of the Nigerian government.The methodology adopted in designing the coherent system is OOHDM (Object Oriented Hypermedia Design Method) suitable for the development of web applications that gives a concise and precise information about a vehicle starting from the exact day of importation to clearance and registration and renewal of licensing on a single platform.


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