Is Chirala Smart?

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Volume - 8 Issue - 5
Year of Publication : 2018
AuthorsK.M.S.Sailaja Rani


MLA Style: K.M.S.Sailaja Rani "Is Chirala Smart?" International Journal of Engineering Trends and Technology 8.5 (2018): 10-13.

APA Style: K.M.S.Sailaja Rani (2018). Is Chirala Smart?. International Journal of Engineering Trends and Technology, 8(5), 10-13.


CHIRALA is one of the famous towns in PRAKASAM district, which was located in Andhra Pradesh of India. Technological improvement in AP state changes the cities to smart cities. A smart city is an urban development vision to manage the city by integrating the Information and Communication Technology and internet of things in a challenging way. The purpose of making the smart cities is to improve the services to citizens or the public in an effective manner. Sri Nara. Chandra Babu Naidu, Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, highly focused on ICT to improve the contact between citizens and Government. In this context, a little curiosity is arrived that “whether the CHIRALA is smart city or not?” The research on this issue results the answer to the above question.


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